Demo Epic Warriors Pocket Beta

Hello everyone.

I'm almost done with my first game after many years of projects stopped without finishing.
It is a simple game for mobile, but it took me 3 months to get to the current point. I want to expand the game modes, but I wanted to know how it is doing so far. I'm doing it myself and it's complicated to know if it's fun, balanced, anyway.

If you download, please let me know what you think, ok ?!
Note: I am Brazilian and made the game in Portuguese, but I implemented English language and the game should automatically identify the language of your system. If it doesn't, let me know.

Version 1.0 beta
Made in GameMaker Studio 2

Battle and conquer the territories before your opponents do.
The game requires timing and luck to overcome opponents on the battlefield and to conquer territories. Use items to improve your soldiers' performance.
Don't run out of coins and soldiers.

After choosing the color of your army, double-click on the houses to attack one of your domains. At the beginning of the game the domains are infested with bandits. They are easier to defeat than their formal opponents. There are 5 opponents in total.

On the battlefield you have 6 race tracks to reach your opponent's side. The enemy will send soldiers against you. Don't let him fully press your soldiers or you will lose! At the top, you can see the pressure bar indicated each by the color of those involved in the battle.
Don't run out of soldiers, either. Click on the track you want to place a soldier on. They attack automatically. Each row can have a maximum of 3 soldiers at a time.

Your opponents will attack thugs, other players and you too! Everyone here has the same goal: total domination of the map. Don't run out of soldiers or coins or it will be game over for you!
In the future, I will implement the game's economic system, allowing you to purchase items and soldiers before each battle.
I also intend to implement a campaign mode, making the strategy much better.

You can download a demo in the link bellow (windows version) Warriors Pocket

Thanks for play my demo! I hope you have fun. ;)
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Hello everyone!
I'm returning to invite some of you to test my game on google play. I am composing a list of testers. If you are interested, send me your email and name by personal message.

I will keep the link here for the demo version for windows.
Note: Only @gmail emails will be accepted for testing on google play.

Thank you to anyone who wants to participate.