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Team Request ~Enrakh Tales is looking for artists~

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Enona, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Enona

    Enona Member

    Feb 12, 2019
    #otome #humor #romantic #resource_management
    //could be changed
    [project_name]«Endless development»[/project_name]
    [genre] visual novel with resource strategy [/genre]

    Cheers, ladies and gentlemen!
    Enrakh Tales team welcomes you! In 2018, we have finished our project () , SORRY it’s in Russian, but «Endless development» is gonna be in English). Now are rested and ready to new heroic deeds.
    We’ve made a lot of mistakes and learnt a lot, so now we want to create something completely different: a fun and interactive VN about working in the game industry. It’s going to be an otome with resource management elements (we were inspired by Long Live The Queen, but are going to create a more narratively focused game compared to LLTQ).
    This time, our project is going to be commercial. Our plan is to create a demo version by the end of 2019 (both in English and Russian), upload it to kickstarter and crowdfund further development in this way.
    We’ve designed our characters, the basic plot structure, scenes which we’ll include in the demo and the game mechanics.
    We are looking for enthusiasts who want to help us with our beautiful mission. We’re developing the demo for free, but the funds gathered through the kickstarter campaign will be distributed between our team members. The people we need right now are:
    1) Sprite artist. The artstyle we’re aiming for is the more ‘western’ cartoon style rather than the anime-inspired aesthetic used in a lot of VNs. A good example would be Game Grumps’ Dream Daddy.
    2) Background artist.
    3) UI designer. This includes designing UI for the game in general and for the various minigames we’re including as part of the game’s mechanics. Also, you’ll be responsible for creating banner graphics (for example, for the Kickstarter page)
    4) Any help with marketing would be highly appreciated

    Currently our team is:
    1, 2) Enona & Marakh. Core of the project, narrative and development.
    3) Petr. Programmer.
    4) Dshpet. Composer.

    If you are interested PM me, or FB (ioanna.ferens) or telegram (@inkubb).

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