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Discussion in 'Programming' started by MIWICP86, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. MIWICP86

    MIWICP86 Member

    Jan 7, 2017
    A bit of context - I have been following a bunch of tutorials and playing about with Game Maker to make my own rpg, but had a creative break a while back. Came back to my game to continue working on it and a few bugs have appeared that weren't there before. Please note Game Maker is updated to most recent version.

    So here is the bug...



    /// @arg sprite
    /// @arg x
    /// @arg y
    /// @arg angle
    /// @arg frames
    /// @arg target_array
    /// @arg damage
    /// @arg knockback
    var _sprite = argument0;
    var _x = argument1;
    var _y = argument2;
    var _angle = argument3;
    var _frames = argument4;
    var _array = argument5;
    var _damage = argument6;
    var _knockback = argument7;
    var _hitbox = instance_create_layer(_x, _y, "Instances", obj_hitbox);
    _hitbox.sprite_index = _sprite;
    _hitbox.image_angle = _angle;
    _hitbox.alarm[0] = _frames;
    _hitbox.targets_ = _array;
    _hitbox.damage_ = _damage;
    _hitbox.knockback_ = _knockback;
    return _hitbox;
    /// @description attack state
    image_speed = 1;
    sprite_index = spr_bogger_attack_right;
    if animation_hit_frame(2) {
        var _damage = 1;
        var _knockback = 20;
        var _life = 2;
        var _hitbox = create_hitbox (spr_bogger_grunt_hitbox, x, y+10, [], _life, [obj_idle_up, obj_shield_bubble], _damage, _knockback);
        audio_play_sound(a_bogger_attack, 5, false);
    if animation_hit_frame (image_number - 1) {
        state_ = bogger.idle;
        sprite_index = spr_bogger_run_right;
        alarm[1] = 2 * global.one_second;
    depth =- y;
    if health_ <= 0 && state_ != enemy.attack {
        instance_destroy ();
    if state_ != noone {
        event_user (state_);   
    Also on the Attack State this keeps popping up. If this is the reason for the bug, where do I need to put the variable _hitbox so its mentioned the appropriate amount?


    Apologies if I've made any mistakes and if also this is a stupidly easy bug to fix, I'm very new at programming.

  2. FrostyCat

    FrostyCat Member

    Jun 26, 2016
    You passed [] for the angle argument for create_hitbox("was an array") a numeric value should be there instead ("REAL argument"). With languages that aren't static-typed, you have to pay attention to these details on your own.

    The warning in the IDE means _hitbox is not being used anywhere else. If the code came from a tutorial, continue and pay attention to where it is used (the var tells me it's a later addition to the same piece of code). If it's your own devising and you don't need to use the created instance's ID later, just get rid of var _hitbox = part altogether. The presence of a return value doesn't imply that you have to store it.
  3. MIWICP86

    MIWICP86 Member

    Jan 7, 2017

    Hey man, that worked a treat, thank you so much.

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