Android Endless Pig Jump - Infinite jump game plus shooting game.

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    Nov 9, 2016
    Hello, everyone:)
    We released simple cute jumper new game on Android;)

    Created with GameMaker studio - Master collection (v.1.4.1804).
    (Base asset - Infinite Jumper Starter Kit by Luxbyte)

    Always happy for your feedback:)


    iOS will coming soon.

    Official Trailer

    Endless Pig Jump is infinite jump game plus shooting game.

    How high can we go? to vast spaces?
    Endless Pig Jump is infinite jump game plus shooting game. The objective of the game is to go as high as you can, avoiding enemies. Bouncing from platform to platform avoid the bad birds, airplanes, monsters, aliens.
    It is really challenging, fun and fast paced... Enjoy!
    This is the perfect casual game!
    Warning!!! Endless Pig Jump is so Addictive!!!
    - Broken, Moving, Disappearing and Exploding platforms
    - Jet Pack, Propellers and springs that fly you higher
    - UFOs, heroes, hot air ballons, and many other monsters!!
    - Jump on monsters to bring them down.
    - incredibly fun
    - Autoshot button
    - Vast Spaces
    - Leaderboard


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