Released Emerald Shores - a 2D platformer with RPG elements, sidequests, minigames, etc.(PS4, PS Vita, Steam)

Hi everyone,

I released a game called Emerald Shores recently. It costs $9.99 and is available on Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita.

It's a fairly short game but has a lot of variety and replayability. 20+ levels, various unlockable levels, hidden items to collect, a bunch of minigames, and a few sidequests. You can also raise a pet monster, bring it items that you find in the world, and race it against other monsters.

Features an original soundtrack with over 20 unique tracks. Everything except the art was done by me, with the art handled by several artists.

As a long-time Game Maker user, this was my first GM release in about 15 years. I first started using Game Maker at version 3.3 (the blue icon version!) back in 2001, releasing about a dozen games over the next year before I taught myself C++ and switched over to that. You can see some of my old Game Maker games here if you're curious.

PSN (Europe):

Strategy guide (free, web-based):

Hope you enjoy.