Embedded Lead (Tower Defense)



I have been working on this project for well over a year now, far longer than i thought it would take to complete.
I did not anticipate painting all the upgrades to take so long.
This was an old project i resurrected, being sick of starting projects and never finishing them. I am glad i pushed through to get this far. This will be my second completed game.
It is now very close to completion, and i would like some feedback.

-100's of upgrades
-Upgrades have unique visuals
-Chopper ammo drops
-3 vehicles (dune buggy, fuel tanker,mining bot)
-5 resources to mine
-Large open map
-Face of racing (race against other convicts for prizes)
-Turret trials (see how your strongest turret fares in the trials for prizes)
-Boss battles
-Lotto machine (use lotto tickets for upgrades)
-4 unique turret types (Bolter,Launcher,Plasma,Breaker)
4 unique turrets types may seem like a small amount, but with 100's of upgrades every turret will be a unique turret.

You start the game as a convict, and have volunteered to participate in a trial where waves of electronically controlled armored vehicles attempt to over run you.
You start on foot, but have the immediate access to vehicles.
This is a survival game so your turrets do run out of ammo, and they also run out of fuel(whiles engaging), the rate they burn fuel depends on the engine they are using.
You need to mine for fuel and 4 other resources. Different ammo types cost different amounts of resource. A chopper will drop your ammo to your turrets when instructed.

Thanks for reading


Looks nice, esp. the icons, but at the same time it seems there's too much information presented. Not sure if i'd have time to absorb it in the heat of combat. I do like to read about vehicles and weapons before combat though. Some sort of encyclopedia maybe?

I don't want to knock the game, because it obvious a lot of effort went into it, and because i haven't actually played it, AND because i'm not really crazy for tower defense. All i can say is it looks nice, and if you upload a demo, i'll play it.


Yeah. The game looks great. Can't say a whole lot more without a link.