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So. I realize I have been working on this project for a LONG
me. Even before GM2 existed, before I had bought a license to GMS1.4x. A time when I lived in a group home, the ideas were starting.

The story is:
With the world's various races at odds for what the other has, wars have torn the world and displaced many peoples. The last conflict made refugees of many peoples that called the contested territory home. The player must seek assistance from a divine race of beings, to turn the tides in their favor, and claim once and for all, the territories in question.

The Elore (Wood Elves) have taken occupation of the lands, so their allies the Nijo may buy time to make a return, and aslo in a bid to keep the Othra (High Elves) from controlling the territory. The Khimra have been writing up their own proposal for the settlement of the territories, but no one believes it will be fair, as the Kowa and Othra wish to claim the lands, and the Nijo and their various allies want to return home.

DND Homebrew Clone, with mouse only controls (left clicking and right clicking). There will be no transitions between world maps and buildings, or world maps and underground maps. The battles will be turned based, with DND mechanics. Interactions will rely on the roll of a die, based on modifiers in the character sheet (stats page) and any other factors of the interactables.

There will be languages to learn, many lands to explore. People to vex and agress, if you wanted, you could literally fight a baby for it's candy.

the current work is being done on the character sheet as alot will depend on the information it can convey

the building to map and map to building in action:
which was inspired by a mentor's jam entry.

and how rolls will appear to player and function in game:

with progress nearly every day, I plan on releasing a playable demo (which will be an undertermined chunk of the Khrma'st territories - look in the youtube videos) by march, april the latest.

once my inventory is functional, I plan on working on the dialogue system.

Anyways, if you have questions please don't hesitate. I thank you for consideration and looking at my project. Have a great day :)

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looks like a good foundation. not a huge fan of tabletop rules in vidya games but i stopped by to say its an interesting idea nonetheless and really like how you did the UI and interaction!

also being able to talk to inanimate objects is A+. i should try doing that next session, see if anything talks back.


@hipstercapitalist my first dnd session I tried to carry a conversation with a tree. expect that in my game lol.

My reasoning for tabletop features, is from watching a youtube video. It was about how DND sessions contain so much more content than a AAA title, and how top dollar games often fail a genre in some regard, especially rogue-likes and rpgs. I decided on turn based battles, because I got good at dawing 600i static battler images :p and wanted to feature my work in the game somehow.Khrma.pnglike this is an NPC right? satyr griffin-matharoo.pngand this is it's battler on a background :)

anyways, appreciate the feedback greatly :)


Looks pretty good so far. Would love to playtest it in the future. I'm still a bit fuzzy on how you would have no transitions between anything, wouldn't it take too much memory at once? Nevertheless, it looks good so far.


you set an area boundary, and activate and deactivate instances as the player moves, making for streamlined performance. Transitions between territory/maps do exist tho.