Alpha Elohan Chronicles (Windows)



he player traverses a world that seems carved out of nothingness. Platforms allow the player to navigate dangerous territories.

To help the King is of most importance.

Action RPG fantasy with some puzzle elements

An evil being has corrupted your world, and threatens your homelands. You sought out to destroy this being, and ended up caste

in a land desolate of any civilization. You must collect the information from npcs along the way to uncover how to defeat the being.

The player will encounter friendlies and enemies, and will have to assess what to do as the game progresses.

Controls: GAME PAD: left stick is movement, right bumper is run, right trigger is attack, a is dash, start pause menu, y weapon switch, right dpad is change potionslot, down dpad is change magic skill,, b use potion; select inventory.
KEYBOARD: wasd or arrow keys to move. c is dash, shift is run, and x is attack, esc pause menu, z weapon pick up. e use potion, r change potion, q change weapon; p inventory. *

save feature, does not save entire game state, you will start from the beginning of a map, with load, allowing the player to farm out maps.

Known Issues

Unable to save the inventories at this time.

The ai could use some tweaking, some issue changing states with the blackbirds. second level is empty save for map.


Myself Chungsie,


and the Mentors of GMS on Discord
* will work on remapping the keyboard controls sooner than later.


The art in the game is sort of too Microsoft-paintish imo. Like it needs a lot of work, but even just a little bit would add more value to people being more interested.


@EqualiteGem thanks for the feedback. Considering I've only been doing 2d graphics for less than a year, I have to agree I guess. Alot of it was just making temporary things, like the lava is not finished, but the floor and walls I like. I've been working on a new attack animation base. attack.gifi use gimp to be honest, but go for something simplistic for now.