Here is a mini project that I am doing. I started it with Heartbeast videos (Hack'n Slash Series) . I can not wait to see what that will give at the end.
I added a xp bar, a lifebar and a door for, depending on what I want to do, be able to go to another level.



please, add more info, about plot, about team, about the features, about the next ideas, etc.


We, Chronos III, were a group of 3 students aged 19 and over ""motivated"" in the creation of video games. We would like to have supporters to support us in our passion. We create games not for making ""money"" but for ""fun"". We love when people play to our games and let us their feedback. Feedbacks are important to us, because they encourage us to continue. However, I'm the only one who continues on this path. The other two gave up because they were discouraged.

This mini game is started from a series made by HeartBeast (Hack'n Slash).This game aims to show the other two that we must continue in the field of programming.

The way I'm going to go about it would be to create a scenario similar to our situation.

In the game, there will be 3 knights ( because we are 3 in the group). 2 knights will be captured by a very powerful magician.The remaining knight, weak and not creative, will want to deliver his friends in the hands of the magician. For this, he must overcome a lot of obstacles.

Will courage and perseverance be at his side?

leave me your comments about this ideas.

Red Phantom

Game looks great! I can definitely see the visual inspiration you got from heartbeast. Is there a download link to a demo of this game?