Windows Elema


Quick info
  • Genre: JRPG, Puzzle
  • Playtime: 6-8 hours (according to my beta testers)
  • Languages: English, German
  • Made 99.9% by me
  • It's free ♪
  • Made with Game Maker Studio 2
  • Supports Keyboard and XBox Controller (the later takes the priority)
You can download the game here.

Every 200 years each nation sends out a person to renew the seal that keeps an evil creature in check. These person are called "Elemata", a prestigous title, but also have lots of responsibility attached to it. You will follow Kaji, one of the main protagonists, in his endeavour to become such a person, but little does he know that something else is under its way...

  • Tactical Turned-based battle system on a grid with a sprinkle of action elements.
  • Puzzles ingrained in the battle system.
  • Two endings (a normal and a true one)
  • Not easy
  • Original Soundtrack

Closing words
Any feedback is appreciated and have fun playing ♪
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