Legacy GM Effect_create_above and direction



Hi,i want to know if it´s possible to give a specific direction to a simple effect using effect_create_above or effect_create_below,in this case,in my top down game,when the boss of my level attacks with his club i want to create some smoke effects emulating dust on the ground,but always in front of the boss,in that direction,but i don´t know if i can do that


Not using effect_create_above/below(). They're intended for very simplified effects and as you see it's exactly what you're getting. You'll have to create a custom particle system. docs.yoyogames.com > reference > particles. Seems intimidating at first but once you figure it out it give you a fantastic amount of control over the kind of effects you can have. There are also a number of GameMaker particle editor programs that use graphical tools and will export GML code to a text file for you.

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