Educational use of Free version



I am a teacher and are looking to use GameMaker in lessons. We don't need the Pro version so are we allowed to use the free version on the classroom PC's?
Won't be publishing/selling anything, purely for teaching 10 to 15-year-olds.

Thanks for the help


There is an educational version that educational institutes are encouraged to use.

According to the EULA you're not allowed to install it on a network or on more than three computers.

But according to Mike.Dailly, one of the lead developers, if you can get it working on your education environment, go ahead.

Educators are welcome to use the free version if they can make it work, but it has lots of issues due to networks, installation problems etc. The Education version solves a lot of these issues, and while cheaper, isn't free.

We don't support scripting/automation of the normal installer I'm afraid, and after each install, you'll still have to manually set licences for each account etc.


The primary issues you may face could be your schools network, the educational version is specifically designed to work in these environments.

If the computers are not on the network (doubtful) it wouldn't matter, but if they are you may have issues.

One particular issues is networks that restore settings after a specified time to keep images clean.


Thank you all for the info. I've requested a quote for the educational version but just wanted to check the legal issues of installing the free version on more than three school PC's.