Windows Eat Kiwis Or Die Trying (Free)


So I got carried away writing a function for a sine wave with rotation and ended up making a tiny game out of it.
Check it out free:

The neck of the animal is procedurally generated with a sine wave. The wave magnitude is weighted very simply through a quadratic equation so that it waves more in the middle and less towards the ends.
Then its all rotated by a matrix and ta-da, weird kiwi eating monster.



The game has smooth controls...Keep up the good work...I like the physics you used.
I really didn't feel the need to use A / D to move the lower part of the snake / monster.
It starts off with a fair degree of strategy...but when it gets hectic (around level 85) seems the
strategy gets lost and you just move your mouse side to side...and hope for the best.

Suggestions: Maybe add a full screen mode.
Maybe instead of making the Kiwis too hectic (ex around level 85) could add in obstacles that the snake's head has to avoid.
Example: A periodic thunder cloud that shoots a ball of lightning (at the snake's head), a badger that periodically walks along the
bottom of the screen and jumps up at the snakes head, or an eagle that swoops in from the background
and goes for the snakes head. etc...

1596427849448.png 1596427915457.png 1596427995733.png

Video of me playing your game.

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