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GMS 2 Easy User Interfaces?


Normally when I make a user interface I divide the gui into a grid and then track the players mouse and if it is over the specific area and they click I run an a script or an if statement or something. but this is all a lot of work for something that seems pretty simple. I understand that that is often the case with coding but I was wondering if anyone has found a simpler or easier way to make a user interface?


Depends on how complicated it is and what you want to do. In my current project (see link) I just use buttons objects with a single parent that handles all of the 'button' code and a child that has user evnet 0 for what it does. It is incredibly easy to set up and handle.

The downside to this is that then you can't use keyboard or gamepad without essentially implementing a grid system on top of the button system. This isn't hard, but it isn't any easier than doing the grid system in the first place.