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Easy-to-learn GML Tutorial

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by General Leo, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. General Leo

    General Leo Guest

    GM Version: GM6 or higher
    Target Platform: ALL
    Download: HERE (about 300kb, open using any word program including notepad)
    Links: original post

    • Originally created Aug 2005
    • Staff choice since Feb 2009
    • Thousands of downloads since release
    • 1,613 downloads recorded, just from 12-23-15 through 12-23-16
    If you know D&D (Drag and Drop) or at least the basic structure of game making, this tutorial will teach you how to easily advance into scripting your own GML (Game Maker Language) scripts with no previous experience! Hundreds of people have PMed me or emailed me their success stories over the years since it was first released in 2005. My Easy-to-Learn GML Tutorial is the best out there because I teach as if you have no experience which helps ANYBODY understand scripting. I guarantee if you have a basic understanding of game making, you'll learn GML by reading my tutorial! Keep in mind scripting GML can be learned in a matter of minutes but takes years to fully memorize and master.

    • Actual Reviews:
    sebastian97 -Dec 2015
    icymx -April 2012
    yourtexthere -Dec 2011

    GPro -Nov 2010
    connor4312 -May 2009
    cred13 -Feb 2007
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  2. Hadin

    Hadin Guest

    This is exactly the kind of guide I need. I have had to ask for plenty of help already after a little over a month into learning GML (my first foray into programming) and I am starting to be met with condescension and irritability as everything's already online so why do I have to waste time asking? The information may be there but an understanding of it is still required to make use of is and there's a lot terminologies I don't understand or don't see the connection for how a while loop could be applied, etc. So thank you. I spend all of my free time reading up on how to make a program work and tinkering with Game Maker. I'm putting in my time and am slowly learning it so if I'm asking for help its not for someone to write me a code to get results, I'm not even trying to make a real game yet, its so I can break down the problem, understand the individual components of it and make a connection as to how it could be applied to something I may wanna make in the future. I have ideas for the type of game I wanna make so am of course trying to get those mechanics set up so I'm advanced enough I can start over and write something more efficient and write it all myself, my own takes on code.
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  3. Dylaniza

    Dylaniza Member

    Jan 26, 2017
    Really enjoyed reading, expanded my knowledge on GML.
  4. Bigheadface

    Bigheadface Member

    Mar 14, 2017
    Hi. I'm new to coding. Went through the in-program tutorials but am still pretty lost when I try to make my own simple programs trying to learn things.
    Is this tutorial still viable for GMS2?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
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  5. Hello. I'm also wondering if this is viable with GMS2. And, in general, how much of GML is the same in 2 as it was in 1.
  6. Danny Chatzikonstantinou

    Danny Chatzikonstantinou Member

    May 15, 2017
    Thank you! That is helpful :)
  7. Negastar

    Negastar Member

    Aug 26, 2016
    Sounds like a good idea... wish I had come across something like this years back.

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