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Portfolio - Art Earthbound style artist willing to help

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Fanifacation, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Fanifacation

    Fanifacation Guest

    Heya, the names Parker. Im an pixel artist who is willing to help give you a base for your game. Here is my portfolio-https://fanifacation.carbonmade.com

    I should specify im only willing to give you a base to work off from for your game, basically tiles and sprites that act as a better place holder than cubes. I promise to put effort of course into these sprites and tiles but dont count on me being your main artist unless your offering a paid position or im personally interested in your project.

    Some rules-
    .I cannot do fullbody 2d character sprites as its quite difficult for me at this point.
    .Nothing to difficult.
    .keep my portfolio art in mind for my main style i draw in, i can do others styles but thats my prefered one.
    .finally interactions can either be done through skype or gmail.

    My skype name is fanifacation
    My gmail is fanifacation@gmail.com

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