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Android Dynamic Asset Delivery on Android not working?

Mr Errorz

Our game is around 150MB in size which means we have to use the APK expansion to be able to upload it to Google Play,
however, it seems the expansions is asking permission from users to access their photos and media which can be a bit alarming and cause some friction..

So, we noticed a second option in the Android Game Options window,
it doesn't seem to be working, or maybe I'm just using it wrong..
When building with this option set to on, the result is just one APK at the full size [again, around 150MB]
Also, there seems to be no documentation on this tick box in the manual [which is also a little weird].

Any one knows anything about this option,
or alternatively if there's a way to use the APK expansion without it asking the users for "scary" permissions?



Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
Looks like either:

- A new feature that hasn't been documented
- A new feature that is still being worked on and was mistakenly made public.

Either way, you should file a bug report with YYG to find out and get it fixed (or get documentation for it). :)