GM:S 1.4 Dying sometimes causes the game to break? But only sometimes?

Discussion in 'Legacy GameMaker Community Tech Support' started by SteamingBullet, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. SteamingBullet

    SteamingBullet Member

    Oct 16, 2019
    I've been working on this platformer beat em up-esque game for about a month now, and met my first infuriating bug with it. It's hard to explain because as far as I know it's inconsistent and nothing seems to directly cause it.

    When you run out of health in game, the character becomes a "death" object, and flies off the screen before resetting the room after a couple seconds.
    I wanna say 80% of the time it works normally. You'll respawn at start or at the checkpoint you tag. This problem doesn't even seem to exist in the current tutorial level.

    When you die in the first level I have though, usually after getting to the end of it, one of a few things will happen:
    1. The room will restart normally. Nothing seems to be wrong
    2. The room will start normally, but after moving for a bit or falling, everything will disappear. HUD, character, enemies, everything. Even the debugger shows that everything just kinda vanishes. Sometimes will crash instead
    3. The game will just crash
    4. The room will restart, but nothing will be there. The view will pan up a bit (as if the character was still there), but nothing will be there. The debugger itself shows nothing except for maybe a few ground objects exists in the current room.
    But now here's the strange part with that 4th one. Every time this happens (and it doesn't crash), the pause menu is still functioning. The pause menu itself is controlled by the HUD, which, as far as the debugger knows, isn't active in that room. The menu displays normally and can be used. When you exit the level and return to the menu, everything seems normal, but if you try to enter the room again, even the tutorial level, the same thing occurs, where nothing is there/active, and the game is unplayable. In even rarer cases, the game crashes with an actual error, telling me that an object can't find a variable that should've been created on the create event.

    Here's a clip of me experiencing one of these issues

    Not included is after I stopped recording this is the pause menu was, again, functional despite the HUD being gone/inactive.

    For the sake of debugging I have keys bound to kill all enemies and kill self.
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  2. JugglyJuggle

    JugglyJuggle Member

    Nov 10, 2018
    Hi, could you post some of the player code at least? It's easier to solve the issue if one can see what's happening there.
    Also, nice looking game you have there! :D
    I'd like to know more about it, is there a story?

    Can I help somehow? :D Graphics maybe?
    Sorry I do get ahead of myself sometimes ;)

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