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Windows Duplicate file breaks GameMaker?



Hi, everyone! Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find it anywhere! Then again, I'm not sure how to formulate this correctly, but I'll try. (Sorry for all the backstory, hope it isn't too long!)

I recently (2 days ago?) started using gamemaker, and did the tutorials on the website to recreate asteroids. That worked fine, but I wanted to personalize it, without ruining the original version. I wanted to change the score, speed, et cetera, so I thought I'd just make a copy of it. I tried going to my documents and copy-pasting the files into the documents folder, but nothing seemed to be happening, so I thought I'd just start up gamemaker again, and it wouldn't start.

I copied the project files to my normal folder and then had to uninstall and reinstall GM to make it work again. I managed to open the files using the 'Open' feature (after launching gamemaker, at the top, not just clicking the file). I also managed to copy and paste the GM projects correctly (in the right folder) this time.

Does anyone know why it broke the first time? As far as I know, it never actually pasted anything. I didn't find copies of the files. Nothing changed when I tried to paste. So why did GM break?
(I hope that I was clear enough!)


Hi Isla, welcome to Gamemaker and to the forums. It shouldn't really matter where you copy and paste a folder to.A duplicate file shouldn't break Gamemaker. I've copied and pasted projects anywhere, even in the same folder and it works fine. The exception being that they both share the same name.
For example:
By Default, most computers add a suffix to a file with the same name: file, file(2), file(3), file(4), etc.
This will have no problem opening in Gamemaker Studio., or any program.

Very rarely will a computer mess up and copy a file as: file, file, file. in which case, it will break the file system briefly until it's corrected. Usually non-fatal, but annoying to deal with.

If you simply double click the file in your file explorer, it won't open. This will happen every time. I don't know why this happens, but this is probably due to the way Gamemaker reads and interprets files. It could also be a file association issue. I have the Steam version and it always wants me to run Gamemaker within Steam and thus will block me out. The best practice to open a file, is to open it within Gamemaker, as opposed to file explorer.


aka fel666
To be safe, you can export your project as a .gmz (using file-> export). And then import it using the import feature.
This is a safe way to duplicate projects, and share them online too.