Dungeon [The game is still untitled]


Hello! Now I have a complete lack of imagination and I can’t come up with anything interesting ... Rummaging through my old unfinished games, I discovered this imperfection and decided to show it to you.
Usually, I never ever show anything to anyone ... (probably this is my problem)

Actually this is a dungeon craler with a first-person view, but in a retro style. (I myself did not play such XD Only modern games made in 3D, but for some reason I always wanted to make my own game
in this style)

At the moment there is:
- 2 types of monsters (one urgently redrawn yesterday to put the project here XD)
- One kind of potion
- One type of weapon
- A small dungeon with access to the outside
- One secret room (can you find it?)
- Useless chests (static decoration XD)
- Drop-out bags of gold
- Russian and english languages (urgently added english to make it more comfortable for you to play)
- immortality

- Arrows moving
- LMB on the monster to hit him
- LMB on the item and drag to move the item in inventory
- Dragging a potion to the main screen to drink it
- RMB on the item to show its description
- Enter change the language (not the most successful key, if you decide to play in full screen)

There is no main menu, no settings, and no ideas either :(
I really want to make a simple, even small, but interesting game. And I really hope for your ideas, suggestions and comments. At the moment, I can’t think about how best to store items on floor.
I want to be able to throw it out of inventory onto the ground. But what if there are 2 or more items on the ground in the same cell?

Difficult option:
Still, strain up and make a system for saving coordinates and sides on one tile for each such item.

A simple option:
Just draw sprite bags. When you click on it, the inventory opens.

When you hover over the bottom of the screen, an arrow appears, meaning that there is something on the ground. When we click on this arrow, a top view opens above the floor where objects are in random order.
With this option, it is not clear how to draw these objects in normal mode.

I also have many questions about why the hero needs to collect gold, where and how to spend it. Do I need a main hub (one single village)? Or do you need to make several villages?
What happens when a hero dies?
What races and classes are needed? Or not at all?
Do you need the characteristics of a hero and a level up? Or just get a collection of items?

In general, I hope you understand how bad I have with ideas ... And here I have a mountain of such projects. True, there is one finished game that I really love, but it is only in russian, and I have not opened the source for many years x_x

Have a nice game!




P.S. I completely forgot to say that I took the graphics of the tiles from the OpenGameArt website, and found the music somewhere. These are not my resources!
P.S.S. And yes, I'm still not sure that I can complete this game, though, who knows.
P.S.S.S. Sorry for google translator.