iOS Dungeon Raiders [iOS/Android]


Hi all,

I've just released Dungeon Raiders for iOS and Android. It's a rogue-like dungeon crawler card game full of mystery and adventure! You'll collect cards, acquire loot and run a shop. Hope you get a chance to check it out!

Full Description:
Make your way through perilous dungeons, battle monsters with cards and outfit your heroes with the best armour and weapons you find along the way. Any extra loot you find can be sold in your customizable shop for profit! Use your coins to buy better cards, shop improvements and extra heroes to bring along for the journey.

Complete quests to progress through the game to unlock new dungeon levels with greater challenges, stronger monsters and rarer treasure!

Play your cards right to beat monsters who also each have their own unique cards to play against you with different effects and abilities. Mix and match 40+ of your own unique cards that you can collect along the journey to find the best mix of tactics for winning battles.

Start with a small shop to sell extra loot to the local island citizens and use in game coins to expand, buy equipment and decorations to improve your shop rating and attract more customers.

Core game features;
- Build a card deck from 40+ unique cards
- 30 dungeon quest levels to complete
- Customize your heroes with collected loot
- Start with a small shop, expand and build
- Start with a single hero and gather up to 6 along the journey
- Fight a variety of monsters and bosses each with their own unique cards

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