Dungeon Dwellers (very early build)


Jesse Jaramillo

Dungeon Dwellers is a game that i have been consistantly interested in creating for years... over 8 years.
Ever since i started using gamemaker 7.0 i wanted to make a game like this.
I feel i have the necessary skills in the program and knowledge of programming to create such a game.

The game is a top down RPG hellshooter.
Originally designed very basic when i was around 12 years old it has morphed into an idea that is similar to Realm of The Mad God. Although i cannot say with certainty that it was my inspiritation, rather RoTMG existed after i had come up with the idea, my original inspiration was a game posted on the yoyogames sandbox way back when, which may have been created with inspiration from RoTMG.

Here is my game as it stands:

IMG Link

IMG Link

The enemies in there right now are Test enemies.
You can change your outfit with 'Y' and type spr_player_<any number from 1 to 7 not including 6>
Press 'U' to change your weapon. Items/Inventory have not been implemented yet but are my next task.
Press 'O' to change your agility level which increases your firerate. Max level is 100 Min is 0.
Press 'Z' to change your crosshair type.

If anyone is interested in the evolution my game has gone through over the past 8 years of me learning new techniques please let me know and ill post the .exe files of said games, most were made to near completion.

Early Build of Game