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GMS 2 Dungeon Crawler with Random Mechanics

Let's Clone

GM Version: 2
Target Platform: Windows/Mac OSX/HTML 5
Download: N/A

Welcome to Let's Clone!
This channel is typically dedicated to replicating classic titles, but this time around I'm having a bit of fun adding random mechanics to a Dungeon Crawler-type game.

Only the first four parts are in a tutorial format. From there on I decided to upload these as a Dev Log or a Live Stream - save for the face that my current household internet is ~4Mbps... so I just record and upload after the face haha.

There are 6 parts out now, at the time of this post, but there will be many more soon.

Part 1: Procedural Generation

Part 2: Saving/Loading Seed Generation

Part 3: Mini Map Tutorial

Part 4: Zelda-Like Camera Scroll

Question for mods:
I don't think I should plug these uploads from here on, as it's more of a Dev Log than a tutorial. So could someone suggest to me what the most appropriate thread would be?
Many thanks!
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