Android Dungeon Bard!



Dungeon Bard!

Hi guys! There is my mini-game for android devices for you to play- straight from google play.
Hope some of you will like it! (There is a chiptune theme music in menu!)

"So gloriously he woke up and in pajamas went to the dungeon..."

Show off your bard's skills in this energetic game deep in the dungeon full of bad bats.
In this world people are judged by their EXP points - you can get them for casting out these bats from this epic dungeon... before they attack you!

How much experience could you earn deep in this dungeon...?

- Cast out pixel bats by using amazing music weapons!
- Collect precious EXP for your glory!
- Upgrade your defence to survive longer!
- Find weapon upgrade to become even more powerful Bard!

For more information about gameplay- check in-game help :)
Image below is a Google Play link- click it!

Thanks for playing the game!
It's my first, fully completed project in Game Maker- it evolved from simpler gameplay in web-browser-based-game. Since I get game maker with android export- I'm totally in love with it and I knew that I must do that project!

What do you think about it? Do you like menu theme song?
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