Duck World (RPG, prototype with source code)


Hatched duckling

:duck: *quack* *quack*

Hi, im hatched duckling. im newbie!
when i hatched out in GameMaker world, I was surprised that i can make my own game with GM! *quack!*
I have learned game maker from many tutorials, manuals, communities, googling, youtube, and so on...
it took a loooooooong time, but finally I made prototype of Duck World! my first homemade game! yay!:banana:

< Screenshots >
screenshot_0.PNG screenshot_1.PNG screenshot_2.PNG screenshot_3.PNG screenshot_4.PNG

< Downloads >
Here is game zip file (Windows):

Here is project file (GMS 1.4): world

< Controls >
I wrote in game! (press H key to turn on/off help message)

To be honest, I am ashamed to show my project to someone else. :oops:
programming was really really hard to me!
i think my code is unnecessarily complex...
And I put a lot of band-aid on the code to make acts and fix bugs...

But, I want to learn more by showing my code and receiving feedback from others.
I know that this community people love to help each other. :D
so I plucked up my courage to upload this project.

so, COULD YOU GIVE ME ANY ADVICE about my project? :)
I'll also be glad if you ask me any question.

thank you for playing my game!
*quack* *quack*


Well, the art style looks better then most because it looks symmetric which is good. Not the best art, but tolerable because think the colors could use some shading from light to dark. The inventory system looks clean and simple which I like. Overall I think this game has potential and you should put a video out too because not everyone will feel like downloading. This is my impression without downloading the game.