Demo Duck Boy


I've recently started working on my first long-term project - a 2-d action platformer with metroidvania elements. All the Art and programming has been done by me - with the music by a friend, Travis (@taddiestales)

Duck Boy

The Demo is below and I'm really looking to gather as much feedback as possible!

Screen Shots:

Made in GameMaker Studio 2 7_21_2020 3_31_01 PM (2).png

Made in GameMaker Studio 2 7_21_2020 3_31_43 PM (2).png

Made in GameMaker Studio 2 7_21_2020 3_32_35 PM (2).pngMade in GameMaker Studio 2 7_21_2020 3_34_44 PM (2).png

This game is inspired by so many of my favorites growing up, Zelda II especially, I really like the balance of tough combat with side scrolling exploration/platforming. I've tried to infuse my game with those elements.

I hope some of this looks interesting to you guys and I would really love to hear your thoughts on it, this is something im really excited and passionate about and would love to get the Demo in the hands of anyone who is willing!

Excited to share updates as they come. Thanks!

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Just downloaded it and will be trying it out now. saw you on shauns livestream today. where my game didnt fare as well haha.

EDIT. played it mate and absolutely loved it. one issue i had is that it wasnt clear what the controls was for the "flute" using a controller but i figured it out.

The other thing is that its only possible to look up and down using the keyboard keys or the dpad on the controller. the analogue stick does nothing up and down but left and right still moves. enabling look on the analogue stick would be ideal, although i reckon this is just something you overlooked.
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Thank you for the kind words everyone!
The demo is up on, i encourage everyone to check it out and it would really mean alot to me if you left any kind of feedback. I really hope everyone enjoys the hard work i put into it - i really couldnt have done it without this amazing community.

Thank you!


Played through it, you've got something here for sure. I love the atmosphere of the game. Kind of takes me back, makes me feel like im playing a game from the 90s.
The gamplay is fun and challenging, nothing felt to difficult or to easy. Really loved everything about the demo. Especially the music thing, that was really cool.
Only two major problems I ran into was where I got hit by an enemy and my guy froze, and the controls stopped responding, had to restart the game. And the
other is the key bindings, they're a bit awkward. Having the space bar as jump maks it difficult reach other buttons easily, I managed overall but the game could use a key
mapping system for sure. Either way, amazing work looking forward to more.
thanks for the feedback! huh, that's super weird about the character freezing, i got one other mention of something similar but in all my efforts to recreate this bug, i couldnt - they mentioned something about dying near/at a sign and it happening, but perhaps that was just happenstance and something else caused it. I feel you on the key bindings aswell, something ill have to think about a little more, most people tell me the game is 100 percent more comfortable on a controller so the main focus was there for the time being.

Thanks for the play and the feedback!
Short update for anyone still following along!

Duck Boy is now on Steam! this is very exciting as it's just another step towards the ultimate goal - releasing the game! it would mean alot to me if you took the time to wishlist, as that helps me in a number of ways. the link is above!

the game is coming along quite nicely as well - the area im currently working on is almost drawing to a close, which will mark about the half way point in terms of explorable areas and content. From there its just a matter of polishing, refining, polishing and refining again. at this point, gameplay and feel has received quite the overall, combat is alot snappier and the flute mechanic is alot better integrated into the core game. No longer is it just a key to open passageways but also your method of healing yourself now - as all hp pick ups have been removed and healing is done through playing a simple song. I can talk a bit more about these things if anyone is interested, but for now ill keep this short

As for book keeping things - I think i'll leave the demo up as is for now, even if it doesnt exactly represent what the game is currently. I'll probably make a new one at some point for another round of public playtesting. I also plan on creating a new trailer for the game to post to steam and just try and generally get more people interested. That will get done sometime after I'm finished working on this area. thanks for reading!