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The following project is an implementation of a "dating sim" style branching dialogue system. With just this system, it is possible to create extensive visual novel type games. The system covers all the basics with typewriter letter by letter effect, sequentially played dialogue, displaying characters on screen and playing soundfiles.

Additionally it supports a fully feature rich branching dialogue system with an extensive amount of different branch types to allow for extreme customization. It allows for nested branches, as well as Save/Load on trees. Additionally allows for pausing/resuming/skipping of dialogue as well as the possibility to export entire code tree to a readable textfile, for example, to give to voice actors.

It is designed to be as easy as possible to understand and write dialogue in a rapid and easy manner, once setup within your game. It can easily be exported and implemented to any project, with only needing to change a few GUI elements of the system. All the user need to do is use the pre-created script in the controller as shown in the example and start creating dialogue!

  • Branching Dialogue
  • Non-Branching Dialogue
  • Actors and Soundfiles
  • Typewriter Effect
  • Choices & Choice Submenus
  • Multiple Branch Types such as Sequence, Random, Random_Once & More!
  • Fully Combinable Nested Branches
  • Conditional Dialogue Elements
  • Save/Load Feature
  • Export Tree to Textfile
  • Fully Pauseable
  • And much, much more!

Asset is currently free while working on some potientally major updates and improvements to it for a future version. Was initially developed for my game, and features have slowly begun being needed in my game, such as Tweening, Easier Actor Manipulation, Controller Support and more, that this system doesn't have implemented yet. Will refine and perhaps refactor lots of code before implementing those, so for now, enjoy the most powerful and advanced dialog engine out there for free.


Changelog 19-July-2016
  • Asset have been updated with an enum where all UI can be customized in one easy to access location.
  • Simple tweening effect for creation of the dialogue box have been implemented. This feature is optional.
  • Skipping dialog will now show the entire dialog the first time if typewriter effect have not been completed.
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