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GMS 2.3+ ds_grid_set_region not working properly on web export

So in my code I have a few calls to ds_grid_set_region, when ran on windows these work exactly as expected, however running on html 5 they will only set a region up to the smaller of the width and the height. The only way I can get my code to work properly is If the ds_grid I'm working with is a square, if it is at all a rectangle then part of it will be all set to 0.

function createBSPGrid(width, length, minAreaSize, maxAreaSize){   
    //Setup data structures
    var grid = ds_grid_create(width, length);
    //Set everything to walls
    ds_grid_set_region(grid, 0, 0, width-1, length-1, wall);
    //Assign cords for area
    var x1 = 1, y1 = 1;
    var x2 = width - 2, y2 = length - 2;
    //Assign area
    ds_grid_set_region(grid, x1, y1, x2, y2, areaNum);
    leaf(grid, x1, y1, x2, y2, minAreaSize, maxAreaSize);
    return grid;


You can report the bug, but even if it gets addressed, it'll probably be at least a month or so before you can put it through to production.

In the meanwhile, there's always this workaround:
function ds_grid_set_rectangle(grid, x1, y1, x2, y2, val) {
    for (var i = x1; i <= x2; ++i) {
        for (var j = y1; j <= y2; ++j) {
            grid[# i, j] = val;