Legacy GM ds_grid/map functions not working for HTML5 version?


Hi there. I am using a ds_map in order to store a number of ds_grids. The idea is that groups of objects fill out their own shared grid as you collect them, and when you have collected every object within a group, it uses the grid to create a number of jigsaw pieces, then destroys the ds_grid.

The code works fine when I test it as a Windows program. However, when I test it as an HTML5 game, it doesn't seem to fill the grids with anything. It doesn't even clear the grid, since it starts generating jigsaw pieces straight away, but with no data in them.

Any help appreciated. Code is as follows:

//Check if ds_grid for current group exists as a key. If not, create and clear it.

if !(ds_map_exists(allJigsaws, groupName)) {

    ds_map_add(allJigsaws, groupName, ds_grid_create(5, numberInGroup))

    ds_grid_clear(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), -1000);


//Add values to group ds_grid

ds_grid_set(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 0, number, line1text);
ds_grid_set(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 1, number, line2text);
ds_grid_set(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 2, number, line2indent);
ds_grid_set(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 3, number, correctX);
ds_grid_set(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 4, number, correctY);

//Check if group ds_grid has been completely filled out

if !(ds_grid_value_exists(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 0, 0, 4, numberInGroup - 1, -1000)) {

//If it has, create jigsaw pieces based on data in the grid

var n;
for (n = 0; n < numberInGroup; n += 1) {

scr_jigpiece(ds_grid_get(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 0, n),
             ds_grid_get(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 1, n),
             ds_grid_get(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 2, n),
             ds_grid_get(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 3, n),
             ds_grid_get(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName), 4, n))

//Then delete the grid

ds_grid_destroy(ds_map_find_value(allJigsaws, groupName));



I'm just going to give this one bump. Further tests yesterday didn't help me. I guess the next thing I'll try is ditching the ds_map and using one ds_grid, with all the attributes of different jigsaw pieces on the same row. But that won't help if it's just the case that ds_grids don't work with HTML5.


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What's your GameMaker version? You may also run the game in debug mode and step-by-step it using a JavaScript debugger in browser's developer tools (click address bar, press Ctrl+Shift+I)