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    Jun 23, 2016
    Hello all, I'm having a hard time coming up with a name that best describes the below feature. In order to explain it best to the player. Or if not name, then some graphical way of indicating what this thing can do.

    Essentially, I'm creating an inventory grid system, say 3 x 3 squares. Items have weight and that is indicated by how many squares they take up, usually 2 squares vertically or horizontally. The problem with these kinds of systems is managing them. Think resident evil. It's not fun and really isn't necessary. One of the few ways I'm answering the sorting question is by having a "drop Box".

    In order to drop items, you click and drag them to the drop box and it queues that item up to be dropped when you close the inventory. Like a garbage can but your dropping it on the ground instead of deleting it. Now my thought is, I want to use that drop box for sorting out your inventory as well.

    Instead of trying to move items around to organize them with what space you have in the inventory, you can remove all of your items to the drop/sort box and then drag them back as you see fit. Super quick manual sorting.

    My problem is, how do I make it apparent to the player that they can use this drop box for sorting as well? I would rather not do any tutorials, I feel a good game is one where the mechanics are obvious and dont need hefty explanations, only simple introductions at opportune times.

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