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HTML5 Drawing wrong sprite in html5


I'm having trouble when the target is set to html5. draw_sprite will draw the wrong sprite.
Is that a known issue of some sort?
Only fix I've found so far is to force every sprite in 3d texture.
As soon as it's put in the collective texture page it draws the wrong sprite,
or at least as high chance to.
Does anyone know some other fix?


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Sometimes when working in HTML5, the texture page pointers get corrupted. So the wrong sprite gets drawn.

Try "clearing the cache" before running your game. (The broom icon on the tool bar.) That usually fixes these issues.


Erk, I've just hit this bug too, all my HTML5 sprites are wrong and the game crashes. Any further tips for fixing this? My build worked just fine a couple of days ago...


Any solution here? (Cache cleaned, GMS restarted). Windows.exe & Android apk runs well, html5 shows other sprites then expected (like shifted memory). I test it locally. Thanks.


Rather than just clicking the broom, try clearing all the caches manually from File > Preferences > General > Paths.
There's 3 in there and you can click each button to clear them.

Also, if you export your game and run it on a server are the sprites still messed up or is only when run from the IDE?


Thank you, meanwhile I have found that solution and that helped.
Or - maybe I used the broom in a wrong way in the past - I have to push "Stop" at first (even if nothing is running) and after that push the broom for cleanling. It also helps me.