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Question - IDE Drawing Individual Layers of a Sprite


Hi guys.

So I've got a question related to drawing the layers within a sprite. I mean the layers like the ones inside the sprite editor, not the 'Sprite Layers' which you can create in the room editor through code. The reason I ask is because I am currently making a game where I assemble the player sprite one piece at a time (i.e., I draw the back leg first, then the back arm, then the torso, then the front leg...)

What I have been doing is creating one big sprite, then duplicating that sprite multiple times and deleting all layers within that sprite except for one. Then I run a script where I draw all of those sprites in order. Now the whole time I'm going through this rather tedious process, I'm wishing there was an easier way to just extract one of those layers from the source sprite through code and draw it that way. It would eliminate a lot of this busy work I'm doing, and even better I could just edit the source sprite once if I ever have to change the way an animation looks.

Only problem is, there is no way to my knowledge to do this... that said my knowledge is quite limited. :p So I figure it doesn't hurt to ask the people here and see if anyone knows the secret to drawing individual layers inside a sprite, and if there really is no way, request it, I guess. :D

Thanks in advance


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
The way you're doing it currently is the only real way to do it, I'm afraid...