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Question - Code draw_text/draw_text_ext [SOVLED]


Right, sorry guys, it's another one of "those" questions. I'm hoping to god I'm just missing something simple.

So I'm trying to draw a line of string to my game screen. Naturally the first thing I tried was..

Create Event
text="This is a string and I can#line break any time I like".

Draw Event

But this didn't work. it just drew the flippin' hash hahahaha. Didn't even move the line down.

So I had a look in the manual for GMS2 and it says right there to use #, just like in 1.4. So I looked around the web and on these forums and I found that you can possibly use "\n" to break for a new line. So I tried that.


it didn't display it but it didn't break for a new line either.

Has anyone else encountered this? Am I just using the wrong code here?


Just a heads up, the manual still displays we can use '#' symbol to make new lines.

In addition the example uses '!#' as the line break.

This is displayed under the draw_text page in the contained manual.

Another interesting point i found was the '#' symbol can still be used when its contained in an object but not a script...
Unless its only usable because it was my converted 1.x code...

Very strange o.o


That's a bug in the docs that I thought I'd fixed... I'll review all the draw text functions and make sure they are up to date. The correct way is explained here though: http://docs2.yoyogames.com/index.html?page=source/_build/3_scripting/4_gml_reference/strings/index.html
@Nocturne, I was looking at that page and saw this:
2 digits of hex following a "0x", for example "\xff"
Should that be "\0xff" at the end? And is there a better place to report manual errors should we find them?

In addition the example uses '!#' as the line break.
No, the example is saying "Hello" + global.name +"!" then a line break, then the next line. But it's still out of date.


I just want to update, that in some documentation there's still the "#" instruction instead of the new ones. Maybe you already knew though.
I had been looking on the draw_text page for half an hour and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong

EDIT: Oh woah this is a recent thread, I don't think it needed a bump. Just realized
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