SOLVED Draw/Draw GUI events not happening


Hello Folks,

I'm having a strange issue where I created a new room and my persistent control object is not running either the draw or draw GUI event only in that specific room. The object does exist in the room and is set to visible. I put a show_debug_message in both events and it does not display messages in the output, so it definitely seems like the events themselves are not running for some reason. I've tried the events with other objects in that same room and those are working. It's ONLY the ob_control that's having the issue, and again, it's only happening in this one room. I tried creating a brand new room and that one is working fine.

Any ideas?



Forum Staff
Is the instance visible, and is nothing else turning it invisible? Is the layer the instance is on visible, and is nothing else turning it invisible? Does the same layer the persistent instance exists on exist across all rooms it travels through?