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Discussion Drag & Drop Feature QoL Request

Hello there!

I am currently fiddling around with the trial version of GMS2 and so far it looks quite nice and I like what I see, but I have one thing that really blocks me from having a bigger and better experience.
In the Drag & Drop System, the block alignment is really bad and weird.

1. Everything is just plopped down on one line, making it hard to create a flow that you can follow. It would be a REAL help if you could put the blocks where ever you want them, to create visual flows and blocks of features. After some time those rows get so long and impossible to have an overview and you get completely lost, especially when something snaps to a different block and lands somewhere you don't know.

2. There are 2 core types of connections. One is the flow, which you connect to the bottom and one is a feature/grabber that you connect from the right side. Yet the line always starts from the bottom. It would be really helpful if the line starts from the side where you connect the blocks, so you have a much better overview on what block does what instantly.

thanks a lot!