Drag and Drop : Android Version

noé cambou

Hi :D
Do you know if the gamemaker Android developper has more fonctions than Creator Windows version ?

i want to create an android game and i know that i need Android version to export my game in good file. but do you know if this version is really different the the orthers ? (exepted the android licence)
The game creation engine is the same. If you need to do a drag and drop game, it should be created similarly to a drag and drop game for windows. The only thing that you'll get is a way to export to .apk file.
Nonetheless, there are some functions and variables that are specific for mobiles and touch screen devices.


this is a multifaceted question.

their are differences, due to things like the performance ability of the devices, that being said from a practical stand point of "will it run", the answer is yes, within reason and assuming that you set up all the frameworks correctly.

android does not have additional functions, a game that runs on windows can, with optimization, run on android.