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Legacy GM Download Error: Modules could not be downloaded


Hey there!

My laptop is currently being repaired, and while its away, i have borrowed an older laptop.
It has been rebooted and updated to the latest version of windows 10. I went and installed legacy gamemaker Pro and everything went fine until it started downloading. Here it would say "preparing for download", but never download anything. Instead it will sieze the download after a few minutes and bring up the following error message:


Download Error!

The following modules could not be downloaded:



The error appeared after i entered the license key and gamemaker asked me to restart gamemaker for the license to take effect. I have also tried to reinstall gamemaker but it had no effect.

I have tried searching it up online, but could not find anything. If you can help, i would very much appreciate it :)


hm, it does the exact same thing im afraid.

However, after running gamemaker as admin and without a couple of times, the "preparing for download" window appeared as normal BUT suttenly gamemaker started loading my project WHILE the "preparing for download" window was open simultaneously. But it never finished loading as it said there were some files missing and i had to activate my gamemaker license. Then it opened the gamemaker start menu where you can enter the license to the right, and i entered it (again). But then it returned to the "Preparing for download" window, and ended up with the same error message.

I tried reinstalling gamemaker one more time, but the problem persists, and now it wont open anything but the "Preparing for Download" message, following the error.

I noticed that when the window that says "Downloading ... preparing for download", the window has the title "Updating GameMaker-Studio". Is there a way to ask gamemaker to never update itself and in that way avoid the message? Or is that a bad idea? Because legacy gamemaker is not updated anymore anyways ^^'


I'm having similar issues at the moment. Trying to get in contact with support (I wasn't sure which category support ticket to fill out). I'll keep you posted I guess.