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Double - psychedelic thriller game in the Cuban setting

Hello everyone! How you doing, guys?
Our studio is developing the game called Double. Double is a psychedelic thriller game in the Cuban setting.

Carlos Garcia is fighting for the freedom of his country.
But suddenly wakes up in a psychiatric clinic. Doctors are worried about his mental health.
He needs to find out what is true here and cope with his mind. But how to do this, when the mind constantly plays evil jokes with you?

Genre: Action / Quest.

- The plot takes place in parallel in two worlds
- Story connected with real historical events
- Mixing nightmares and reality
- The course of the story depends on the player's actions
- A unique system of shootings


What do you think about this, guys? We are glad to any feedback from you.

If you liked it, please, folow for us. This will give us big support ;)

Follou us:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TomatoFantasyGm?lang=eng
Tumblr: https://tomatofantasygames.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tomatofantasygames/
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Would like to see some ingame footage:)
At this moment it looks unpresentable. The mechanics are almost ready, but the art is not yet there.
Follow the news on social networks and I promise - it will be ;)
But if you want some understanding, technically, the look will be similar to Valliant Hearts. Not so rich and cool, but still ...
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Hello again guys! What's up?
Here is some fresh art! What do you think, please, answer ;).

Soon there will be a gameplay screenshot. We promese. Just be patient.