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 Double clicking a resource is not responsive



First of all, thank you for the good work! All my feedback and suggestions have been taken into account and solved up to now! They may not be specifically for my feedback but it's great to see GMS2 getting better and better.

I've noticed that double-clicking on a resource is not always responsive to open it or focus on it (when already opened). Could this be fixed? I sometimes have to click on those 3-4 times.



I've noticed this as well, with some curiosity and frustration, but I haven't taken the time to report it.


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
I suspect that you need to change the Preference settings on the timing for double clicking as the current settings do not meet your needs.

We recognised that these settings are very personal and we have this setting just for this scenario.



(From General Settings->Input->Slow...) Thanks, this fixed my problem! But I don't understand what this means: "Slow double-click time in milliseconds". I'm guessing this is setting the window of time for a double-click to happen? If so, I would understand it better as something like "The time in milliseconds to allow double-clicking." Thanks again!
I had to change this as well, as double click to open worked on the icons, but not the name, no matter how fast I tried. changing this value solved the problem immediately, but I'm still wondering why it didn't work at all with the default value, since it's not that small of a number.