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Released Donkey Kong Redux

Discussion in 'Made with GameMaker' started by Raoul, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Raoul

    Raoul Member

    Dec 13, 2018
    I enjoy reprogramming very old games from scratch and this time I went for the good old Donkey Kong.
    Really loved that game in the arcade back in mid 80s and when I got a C64 I tried to program it in Basic.
    I literally wrote, in Italian language, something like:
    10 I want a game where I am a plumber who needs to jump barrels to reach the top of each level, etc etc

    Still can't understand why my C64 compiler did not succed in running the game I wanted :)

    For this project I have spent dozens of hours recording and watching videos from the original (emulated) game, and took note of every trigger and timing so that every frame would show at the correct original timing.
    I decided to mantain the most of the bugs I could find in the original game.

    What is implemented
    - Game is designed at its original resolution of 224x256 pixels (but starts in full screen) at 60 FPS
    - All 4 original levels
    - Game logics, controls, collisions
    - Score saving (it saves scores in clear ini file)
    - Animations and scripted sequences among levels
    - Enemies (Barrels, Fires, Springs,Cement Pies,Fireballs, Fireghosts)
    - Full Sounds and Music
    - Joypad support

    What is missing
    - Increase difficulty after player wins level 4
    - Online score saving?
    - New level(s)?

    I am willing to add a brand new level, I can also consider to implement someone's else level design.

    it took me about 3 months coding on average 2 hours per day, please try it and provide feedback, suggestions, report bugs! :)

    Link to latest Beta:

    Game Controls
    Arrow Keys/Joypad Left stick: ------ Movement
    CTRL/Joypad B0/B1: ----------------- Jump
    CTRL/Joypad B0/B1/Space: -------- Start Game - Skips Presentation/Cut Scenes
    P: ------------------------------------------- Pause Game
    ESC:---------------------------------------- Exit Game
    I:--------------------------------------------- Toggle image color interpolation (Blur filter)
    D:-------------------------------------------- Toggle Vsync (Enabled by default)
    F: --------------------------------------------Toggle FullScren mode (Enabled by default)

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