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Android / Amazon Fire [DONE] Symbol Learning Game

Alan Chan

Hi, I am Alan Chan and I am the owner of At My Games. I have created this website http://atmygames.com/ . And here is what my game would looks like in the end. You suppose to pick the right card symbol as the voice over have said so. Please, give me feedback if you want to.

Alan Chan

So far I have made the basic show the symbols with the half way done randomize algorithms. Now I need to make the algorithms to stop and pick which card is the right one next. So far my cards will look like it is all flashing because it cannot stop the algorithms without me adding stop and the hand picking algorithms afterwards.

Oh I am sorry now I have finish fixing my first random generator algorithm first before the stopping process to hand pick it afterwards.

I think I am almost done the first part of the hardest part at right now.

I have tested again if this one will works again.

So far I have added the points and some corrections with the reloading after turning your own app off.
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