Released Dominating the skies

Buy the game on steam by following this link
(the game is still not out yet on steam so add it to your wishlist so you get notified when it comes out)

Buy the game on google play store by following the below link


Enjoy this unique experience
dominating the skies is an amazing action game from start to finish, jet fighters and helicopter have realistic physics, and you get to battle your way to victory, it's your skills whats makes the difference,

- enjoy piloting a jet fighter, helicopter, and a spaceship
- unique weapons and levels
- amazing music
- 55 levels
- 4 different modes
- No micro transactions
- No pay to win
- No ads
- Pure uninterrupted action

game is currently available on google play store, and to be released later on other platforms like pc, xbox, playstation ...etc
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The game is coming out on steam soon, so you can play it on the pc
make sure to add it to your wishlist to be informed when it comes out