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Does this seem like a game you'd play? (old school, party creation JRPG)



A while back I made a thread on this forum about a WIP of mine. It was an ARPG and didn't generate much interest. I decided to shelve it and try my hand at something that I think will be much more interesting.

For the game itself, I'm not a big fan of comparing it to what's already out there, but it's like the original Final Fantasy or Artifact Adventure in the sense that you start with creating a party. Similar graphics, too. Exploration will be pretty standard, random battles, combat system will be similar but something more to my preference than what the old games have.

Oh, and there are no casters. At least not initially.

Anyway. Here's the video! Huge WIP, even the title will change.

EDIT: Oh yeah. The video starts about 12 seconds in. I tried to edit that junk out with an editor, but guess I dropped the ball.


Really I don't know if I would play the game with as little information as you provided. All the video showed was creating a party. You have to show some sort of action, a selling point. Show some fights, show some exploration, and maybe start off with a few seconds showing the different classes. Will I test it later, probably.

General thoughts while playing it:

The maps are huge, I get wanting to have a huge map, but if you're going to have huge maps have more stuff to add variety. The corn field level is just walking one direction while seeing the same stuff for a while. (Also the corn depths and player depths feel weird. Try using depth = -y; )
Art is pretty good, for most things. Some things look good but it's hard to get a depth perception sometimes.
Controls - I guess they're alright, though I did prefer using my controller
When I sheathe my sword and press my attack button my sword didn't come out to attack, which confused me. Most games have it so even if a weapon is not in use when you press attack your weapons comes out so you can attack. However, I guess it's more of a design thing.
Health: I got hit by a lot of slimes while running through the corn and ended up with 1 HP left. Everytime I try going somewhere new, even after getting the sword, it's near impossible. Haven't found a way to get health yet. Not sure if it's harder to find health in challenge mode or not. (Can't remember the name of the 2nd hardest game mode)

Overall it seems fun, but a few things - mainly the map sizes - bug me a little. I get wanting to promote exploration, I tried to do the same with my game. However, players will get bored and lose interest when they wander around for a few minutes and can't find something, even one house in a giant map that is mostly grass. I'd suggest taking the time to shrink levels down some. Once upon a time I was sent a link that helped a bit in my game, and it's my turn to pass the link: http://enhousestudios.tumblr.com/post/140703456154/2d-rpg-map-design
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The video looks neat, like a comfy old school rpg, but there'd need to be more gameplay shown before it's clear whether it's something I'd want to play. I'd be able to tell very quickly upon seeing a battle and movement around the overworld whether I'd play it or not. Keep up the good work though!


@Barvix: Thanks for the input! And thanks for playing my old demo :p I was really just talking about the short video in the OP. And especially... thanks for the map guide. That'll be really handy.

@Dazai: Thanks for the input! Right now I have a lot of spriting done for the world map, and that should be easy to implement, but combat is going to be a little while. I'm waiting until September when Benjamin Anderson's course comes out.