SOLVED does the nintendo switch joycons work in game maker?


Hello friends, today I tried to connect my joycons to my pc and control them with game maker, the program recognized them, it also told me that they were available, it gave me the name of the control and it told me that it had 16 buttons, all good up to here, without However, I tried to detect the keystrokes of my controller with gamepad_button_check (), use the correct detection and test with all the functions of gp_, everything that is on this page I tested: Game_Input / GamePad_Input / Gamepad_Input.htm
however it doesn't seem to work, what could I do?


I do know there used to be functionality for joycons but they have been since gone away for a while. There might be extra functionality with the export but I'm more of hobbyist so I'm not at that level yet.

1st step: What is the index number ( pad number ) ? It should be a number from your OS ( 0 - 11 ). Are you using the correct index with these functions?
2nd step: You can try mapping with gamepad_test_mapping, but this doesn't always return the mapping.

It wouldn't hurt to post your code just to make sure it's not something simple.


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Everybody I have seen cannot get them to work on Windows...Windows knows the devices but the actual inputs don't work...and that's a separate issue that isn't Gamemaker itself, rather lack of drivers.


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You can check whether the controller works at all using the "game controllers" UI in the Control Panel.

The deal with joycons is that each joycon reports as a separate DirectInput controller in sideways mode without sticks (the stick pretends to be a 8-directional d-pad) and a very strange button layout. In other words, very little use.


Look this up and see if there are any hits. I do know there is third party software for this sort of thing.
Are there any reliable JoyCon drivers for PC?

EDIT: I don't know if they work or if they cost monies trying never hurts.


Hi! Sorry for not answering earlier, I had a week of final exams, but I already left and I have vacations (yeeeeah), today I tried using better joy and I loved it because now my joycons work in game maker! :3, I think that if it was necessary to find better controllers for my joycon, my goal was for people to be able to connect their joycon without major problem, but if they only need better joy for me, that's fine, thank you very much for the help !, however now I have 2 new problems :,3, I tried to make my joycon vibrate with the gamepad_set_vibration function, and if it works, the problem is that they vibrate for a second and stop vibrating, despite restarting the vibration causing each button press the gamepad vibrate, the vibration only works once each start of the game and only lasts 1 second even though I don't have any other code that deactivates the vibration, the second problem is less important but if someone knows the solution it would be great, I just wanted to know If there is a way to make a "gamepad_axis_value_pressed" class, I know there is no such function, but would there be a way to imitate it? By the way, thank you all very much for the help with my previous problem :3