Does the 1.4x UWP module still work


Im trying to just make a small minor update to a UWP app.

I only have the UWP module for 1.4x.

Not updated any UWP stuff for a while.

I just tried to compile a new UWP app and I get the error:
SignTool Error: No certificates were found that met all the given criteria.
cmd /c "Powershell -executionpolicy unrestricted "& 'J:\My Files\MOBILE\NAME\29240COMPANY.NAME_9.0.0.0\\Add-AppDevPackage.ps1'" "

Found package: J:\My Files\MOBILE\NAME\29240COMPANY.NAME_9.0.0.0\29240COMPANY.NAME.appx
Error: The package or bundle is not digitally signed or its signature is corrupted.
Create finished: 21:26:41
I saw the creation date for the pfx certificate/key and it was 2018, I have since bought a new PC. Is this the reason?

  1. So my question can the GMS 1.4x still compile UWP games/apps that will be accepted by Windows?
  2. How do i get the digital signing to work on new PC


Oh sorry, I just found the solution in case it helps anyone else...

I realised by chance the certificate (storekey.pfx) windows generates expires in a year, so the pfx had expired, so you have to regenerate the temporary pfx, then re associate the app with the store Project menu->Store->Associate App

then it will generate a new storekey.pfx and that is the one you then copy and use in you GMS app/game, you will have to press install again in game options for UWP.