Does online platform useful in GM:S?


Hi, I'm GM:S user in south korea.
I made gms online platform for korea, and I want to know it is useful in worldwide also.

I service it in korea so language also korean.

Simply, this platform provide these things
  • free scoreboard
  • free id/social login (google, twitter, facebook(preparing), and some korea social company like naver, kakao)
  • user data save/load with server
  • screenshot upload online
  • game updater
  • chatting in game (preparing)
These stuffs are all free.
And there are assets for use this things easy

They support all gms platforms like windows, mac, linux, android, ios, etc..
And it is so simple to use these things.
Just get your own token and put it in the gms assets
You can see working video on this links

I want to know is that useful for worldwide user?
and are there any platforms provide these stuffs for free?

If it useful for worldwide user, I will supply these stuffs in English and make server in US or Europe.

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Hi there! I've had a look at your site (via google translate!) and the service does indeed seem interesting. There have been various attempts at doing this kind of thing in the past for GM, and some of them (like GMScoreboard) are still going strong after several years. So yes, I'd say there is a demand for this and if you can get everything translated properly it could do well. :)