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Windows Does draw_text not work with big fonts?



I used this code here:

draw_text(1020, 16, "Items\rClass\rEquip");
draw_text_color(1020, 206, "Config\rHelp\rSave", c_black, c_black, c_black, c_black, 0.5);

my_font is Arial. This works fine when the text is at it's default size of 12.

But when I increase the size to 62:

It doesn't space properly and draw_text and draw_text_color give me a different result. I know I can adjust the vertical space with draw_text_ext, but it doesn't seem right to me that it would be so off by default. Using other fonts results in similar issues. I should also add that I slightly expanded the unicode range beyond the default, but that shouldn't affect anything right?

Also, it seems the quality of the in-game text is lower than the preview in the editor. As seen in this image:

Is this supposed to happen? Because it's kind of a bummer.