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does anybody else use dragonbones to animate spirites?


Last time I checked, Game Maker didn't have support for it. We tried something but couldn't do it. We end up simply exporting the images as frames.

Can we use dragonbones now ? It would be better to use it than spine (considering the price)


I'm considering using it myself, since it's free. But I'd be baking the animation into a sprite sheet.


I don't think GMS has support built in for DragonBones, but you could always create one manually. I had never heard of DragonBones (I use Spriter Pro), it looks interesting.
I started using it last year and once I got the hang of it, I started to really enjoy using it. Sadly there is no GMS support but I export my animations as inage frames and that works fine.

I'll post some gifs of stuff I made for my jam games.
These first 3 were the first animations I made with Dragonbones.