HTML5 DODGEBALL game I made in 2012...Upgraded in 2018...


The first game I ever made...Originally made with GameMaker 8 then upgraded to
GameMaker Studio 1. (Upgrade maintains original's non animated enemy sprites).

HTML5 Version
to play HTML5 version from

Video (Shows all 11 bosses)

GameJolt Download + HTML 5 Link:
Note: HTML 5 games won't work at Gamejolt if you have AD BLOCK enabled.

Itch.Io HTML 5 Link:
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The sounds when you get her are a bit dramatic? :eek: lol
Here is a good (FREE) resource site for sound:

The music in my original GameMaker 8 game was MIDA...but it had to be converted to MP3 for Gamemaker Studio:
I was lucky to find a free MIDA to MP3 converter online.