Windows DODGE - submission to ScoreSpace Jam #13


This was my first Game Jam ever and I did really enjoy it. Sadly, I had bad priorities, kept adding new stuff before I had everything done, that is why this game has several flaws.
I am planning on re-publishing this game, fixing these issues and adjusting some game mechanics in near future. Feel free to leave me some feedback.

About my game:
It is 2D platformer, mainly focused on the game jam theme: dodging. Collect enough coins to enter next level.

3 skins (Default, "DOGECOIN", Zombie)
leaderboard system (top 3)
visual guidance (optional)
pause system

Game screenshots:
dodge2.png dodge1.png
dodge3.png dodge4.png

Move in menu - arrow keys
Select - ENTER
Pause - ESC
Character move left/right - left/right arrow key
Loading rocket - down arrow key
Rocket move up/down - up/down arrow key
- other specified in game

Download link:

I have used licensed audio for my game:
Game assets: Me (used
Game audio: Kenney (from Kenney-game-assets-1)

Thank you all for any feedback ❤